Can I Eat or Drink Before Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients can usually eat well before they are given nitrous oxide gas, also known as happy gas or laughing gas. For some, however, it can cause nausea. Since eating too much can exacerbate nausea, we suggest that if you eat sooner, prepare it as a light meal. Eating and drinking instructions are one of the most important safety parameters for administering anesthesia.

Failure to properly follow these guidelines can cause a catastrophe for the patient during anesthesia. The challenge of restricting food and drink is the time of the procedure. Everyone wants to go first thing in the morning, as it is usually the most comfortable for the patient and the easiest to restrict food and liquids. Obviously, it's impossible to see patients only first thing in the morning, so it's necessary to schedule patients at different times of the day.

With the revision of the guidelines for eating and drinking, this doesn't really become a problem as it has been in the past. If the patient has a feeding tube, it will be important to consult with our office for appropriate guidelines regarding the administration of anything to the patient before the appointment. Current guidelines recommend that any solid food intake should be discontinued 8 hours before the appointment and clear liquids (water, apple juice) can be consumed up to 2 hours before the appointment.


or other dairy beverages should NOT be consumed.

Because oral sedation involves taking medications in pill form, advice may vary from patient to patient regarding any dietary restrictions. Unlike other methods of sedation, you don't actually need to do anything special for nitrous oxide sedation. Oral sedation involves taking sedatives in pill form which will make you more or less sleepy. Danny O'Keefe's dental office in Flowood, MS offers sedation dentistry for people with dental anxiety.

For those who feel anxious about going to the dentist, dental sedation can help them feel more comfortable and better prepared to undergo dental treatment. Because sedation is a type of medication, you may wonder if you can eat or drink before being sedated. When in doubt, talk to your dentist to make sure you're clear about exactly what you should and shouldn't eat or drink. In the case of nitrous gas and mild oral sedatives, you should be able to eat after dental treatment.

We'll also tell you about specific side effects and make sure there are no contraindications with the sedative or any other medications you're taking.

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