How Long Does It Take to Recover from Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation is a great option for those who have been putting off dental visits due to fear or anxiety. With sedatives, the sights, sounds, and smells of the dentist's office can be kept at bay, allowing for a more comfortable experience. Medications can also help to keep patients calm and relaxed during the procedure. But how long does it take to recover from sedation dentistry?When it comes to recovery time, it is generally recommended that patients plan to rest at home for at least 24 hours after receiving intravenous sedation or anesthesia.

This is because it takes some time for the effects of the sedatives to wear off. It is important that a responsible adult accompanies you home after the procedure, as you will not be able to drive yourself. The amount of time it takes to recover from sedation dentistry will depend on the type of procedure you underwent. For example, if you received oral sedation in pill form, you should take the medication the night before your appointment. The effects of this type of sedation usually last between two and eight hours after the procedure. On the other hand, if you received conscious sedation, you should expect full recovery within 24 hours.

During this time, it is important to follow your dentist's instructions for a hassle-free recovery. This includes avoiding eating and drinking anything for at least six hours before and during sedation. Dental sedation is beneficial because it helps improve comfort during dental procedures. It also suppresses the gag reflex, suppresses pain responses, reduces anxiety, and more. When preparing for a dental procedure that will use dental sedation, it is important to follow all instructions before and after surgery.

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