How Long Does Sedation Dentistry Last?

Dental sedation is a great option for those who experience anxiety or difficulty undergoing oral surgery and other dental procedures. There are several types of sedation available, including oral sedation, which involves taking a pill to keep the patient calm. This type of sedation can last anywhere from two to eight hours. Other forms of sedation, such as Ativan (lorazepam), are commonly prescribed for anxiety and used for appointments that last longer than two hours. When it comes to oral sedation, patients should take the medication the night before their scheduled procedure.

This form of sedation will suppress the gag reflex, suppress pain responses, reduce anxiety, and more. After the procedure, patients may feel a little disoriented, but they will return to their normal state faster than other methods of dental sedation. However, these sedation methods usually last a long time after the procedure, between two and eight hours. Conscious sedation is ideal for those who often feel panic and anxiety during complex dental procedures. Medical professionals often refer to this form of dental sedation as analgesics and procedural sedation.

To ensure the best results, patients should avoid eating and drinking anything for at least six hours before and during the sedation. The type of drug administered will ultimately determine how long the period of dental sedation will last. In general, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after the procedure for all the effects of dental sedation to wear off. If you are concerned about your comfort or your child's ability to endure treatment without experiencing anxiety or fear, ask your dentist to recommend the most appropriate sedation options available in your area.

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